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Keeping on top of what's being written about your brand, your competitors, and key industry trends can be a time-consuming and never-ending challenge!

So how do you stay up-to-date and ensure your key messages are resonating with the media every time?

Let ramarketing's media monitoring tool do the hard work for you...

Effective media monitoring

Media monitoring software automates the coverage tracking and competitor analysis process, offering you access to accurate and timely updates on where your brand and competitors are being featured and deeper insight into the impact of your media relations activity. Performance metrics, which are presented in a format that can be easily inserted into marketing reports, will help demonstrate the value of your media coverage, and free you up from trying to pull this detailed analysis together yourself.

This software searches for brand or service keywords and provides you with frequent, up-to-date news alerts from all major media channels.

Regular coverage updates right when you need them

Covering intel from thousands of publications, both on and offline, social platforms and broadcast media in a monthly coverage round-up.

Competitor intelligence

Receive a monthly newsletter offering tailored insights into competitor PR activity, informing your own media relations strategy to ultimately achieve greater brand awareness and differentiation. 

Metrics, metrics, metrics...

Demonstrate the value of PR with our monthly metrics round-ups, giving you data on your company's media share of voice (SOV), brand mentions and sentiment/key message inclusion, plus more. This gives you the ability to benchmark your PR program’s performance against competitor activity and set targets to increase your SOV in the media.

Essential in a crisis

Our media monitoring software enables you to quickly and easily track brand mentions so you're aware of what's being said and how to respond in situations requiring issues management.

See your brand like never before...

Access new insights into how your brand, products or services are represented in the media. Utilize this information;

  • to benchmark performance against competitors
  • to measure success and ROI in marketing reports
  • to inform future decisions and spend

Please note: users should obtain a CLA license to enable sharing copies of the media monitoring reports with your internal team. Read more.

The investment

We can offer this service to our clients at a reduced rate of £4,100 per year/£342 per month.

As ramarketing will manage this service on your behalf, an additional management fee will be required and is based on the nature and frequency of reports (in some cases this may be covered by the reporting fees within your existing retainer).