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You operate in a highly competitive sector, and you need to know where to focus your efforts to get the best return for your money.

ramarketing's benchmarking reports show you how you stack up against your competitors and bridge our understanding of the industry with commercial know-how to inform your marketing activity and spending.

Knowing where you stand

We undertake a comprehensive review of your current marketing activity, looking at where you spend, how you spend, how it all fits together, and the results you're getting.

We also assess you against 3-4 key competitors to benchmark you against them as well as sector best practices so we can identify areas for improvement, risks, and any opportunities.

Our team then creates and shares actionable insights on how we can work to improve your marketing and where to invest to get the most impact for your money.

So, where do we focus our efforts?

Website traffic

To understand how you compare in the market, we start by assessing the performance of your website against your competitors. This gives an overview of your 'online market share', and shows which companies are getting the most and the least traffic.

We look at:

  • Visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Average session duration
  • Bounce rate

We also break down where the traffic is coming from, so we can start to identify what gaps there may be that you can focus on to beat the competition.


Organic traffic from users using search engines shows your organic share of voice. We benchmark against how many keywords you are appearing for compared to your competitors and identify the keywords that your competitors are showing for, but you are not. This list can be used to inform what content may be needed to make improvements to the website and gain more traffic.


If you've got GoogleAds campaigns running, you'll know how easy it is to put money behind something and not really understand what you're getting back. And if you haven't got and pay-per-click advertising, you may be missing out on important clicks and leads. We analyse the market to see what you are spending compared to your competitors, and where you may be missing out on traffic.

We look at:

  • Spend
  • Number of keywords targeted
  • Traffic

Social media

Your social media profile is an important asset allowing you to communicate with your audience directly. Understanding how your audience is engaging compared to the industry will allow you to make decisions on your strategy, and if your social account is being leveraged in the most effective way.

We look at:

  • Page follows
  • Post frequency
  • Average engagement rate


Media relations is an incredibly powerful tool that raises brand awareness and positions you as an industry expert when done right. We benchmark your media coverage against your competitors, generating 'share-of-voice' metrics for your overall brand as well as within specific campaign topics. Do you have a share of voice greater or lower than your competitors on the topics that matter to you? This can help to measure if you are truly a thought leader in your areas of expertise.

Online media coverage can also support your SEO strategy by acquiring backlinks to your website. We'll do a backlink analysis for you and your competitors to determine how you are performing - often revealing new media targets to incorporate into your strategy.

For consideration

So, what and when?

Understand how you stack up...

A one-time benchmark report will give you clear data to show you how you currently sit in your competitive market

Identify areas for improvement

To ensure you are spending you time, effort and budget in the right area, you'll see any deficiencies (and strengths) in your awareness and performance in the market

Track your progress against the market

Beyond an initial report, data can be refreshed regularly as a part of a wider marketing strategy to see how your activity is progressing you against your competitors - and will alert you of any significant changes in your competition.

The investment

Benchmarking report


Benchmark outputs

Website benchmark


SEO benchmark


GoogleAds benchmark


Social benchmark


PR benchmark


Recommendations doc


Monthly KPI report